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1988 Elder Troy Flake 
I was in Taunton in the August through November 1988. My companions were Elder Mike Lamoreaux through October and then Elder Brett Wood. I remember a quite spectacular light parade in Taunton and I remember feeding the ducks as we passed through the park on our walk to church. “ 
When I saw your email I recognised your name although I have to admit I had to get my journal out to remind myself of some of the details of Taunton. I had written in my journal that you gave us beds for our flat. I found an entry later about going to your home for dinner and after playing a game that involved rolling a die and getting a 6 in order to put on the gloves and cut off pieces of chocolate. I do remember that as a fun time. My bicycle broke 2 times on me in Taunton sending me over the handlebars both times. I dont think I took it with me when I moved to Cardiff. 
I would love to hear any updates on the Smart family. I taught them the gospel and really loved them. Verity and Duncan were readilly accepting of the gospel, but Mike and Rose were more hesitant. I was really hopeful to bring the whole family into the gospel together, but that didn't happen. I understand Verity and Duncan were baptized shortly after I left. Are they still involved with the church? 
My life now. I’m married with 3 children (the boys Are teenagers now so I dont feel to say ‘wonderful children’ at least not at the moment). I am a Computer network engineer. I actually work for a company headquartered in London called Pearson. I enjoy my job and even work from home most of the time. I live a little north of Austin Texas. Currently my wife and I teach in Primary and I’m The Bear Den Leader. I love working with the Younger children, they are so open to what we Teach them and enjoy playing goofy kid games. 
Maybe one day I’ll get to come and see your new building. I love it that the church has grown in Taunton to that point. It was just a branch when I was there. 
Thanks for your hospitality to me and my companions. 
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