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1985 Sister Alinda Allen 
Cathy Evans forwarded your letter to me. I am so happy to hear that you are finally getting your own chapel. It is wonderful news, and I am sure you are all thrilled. Taunton was my greeny area. Sister Cathy Evans wsa my trainer companion and we had a wonderful time serving together there. I arrived in Taunton on March 14th 1985. President Forrest was the Branch President at the time. Sister Evans and I tracted up a Malaysian women named Jackie Webb while we were there. She took the discussions and was baptized. I served with Sister Evans for four months in Taunton, and we even made up a song while tracting called ‘The Taunton Sisters’. 
We’re here to tell you the stories of our lives, 
Some people thaink that we are here because no one wanted us for wives, 
But, we are here to tell you that this just isnt so, 
People think we’re awesome everywhere we go, 
Taunton, The Taunton Sisters tracting up and down the Street, 
Our friends at home think they are having fun, 
But we know mission life just can’t be beat. 
There are several other verses about bikes breaking down, and the non stop rain, and other silly things. But to be honest, I can’t remember all the words. I believe that my second companion was Denise Main. I was only with her for a short time, but we did end up teaching the husband of a less active member who showed up at church one Sunday. Her name was Jane Roberts and her husbands name was Adrianne. He was agnostic, but he said that after he heard me bear my testimony one night, he decided to pray to know if there was a God. He received an answer and was baptized. President Forrest felt he should attend a stronger unit, and as they lived on the border of the 
boundaries, he recommended they attend the other unit which was a Ward. 
I loved the people of Taunton, and the strength they exhibited. I had grown up in the Salt Lake Valley and had never before seen the devotion of those whose numbers are small, but have fervent testimonies. I received a blessing from President Forrest while there and felt the power of the Priesthood he held that blessed my life. 
Once again, I am so thankful for the invitation to recall the blressings of serving in my first area. Taunton is very special to me and I am happy for you all. 
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