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Haydn would like to thank ICE - WATCH for sponsoring his Ice Mile swim 

Ice -Watch  
Proud sponsors of Haydn’s Ice swim. 23rd Feb 2013 a one mile swim in Lake Bled, Slovenia, water temperature....a little above freezing.  
Robust, iconic, silicon, colourful, affordable. Ice watches are designed to perform but these are not the only reasons why HAYDN WEARS ICE. 
“Ice Watches are water resistant to 100 meters, lightweight yet durable and available in a vast array of colours. Whether swimming the English Channel or the freezing waters of a Yugoslavian winter, the Ice-Watch you wear can be your warmest friend..." 
Haydn Welch. 

ICE - WATCH are SPONSORING HAYDN'S SWIM to raise awareness of .......CoppaFeel 

Haydn is pleased to carry on the work of Sarah Outen, Dave Cornthwaite and others in support of CoppaFeel. A breast cancer awareness charity. Please google them. I like the rather irreverent vibe of a message which is sometimes missed by young people. Cancer of the young somehow seems more unfair. Awareness may save your are not too young. I am not too young, nor my sister, nor my nieces. We can all be treated. Get a head start on statistics. Know your boobs. 
After you have checked out the CoppaFeel website and your boobs, please check out this , our sponsors page: ICE -WATCH below the following CoppaFeel images. 


Ice-Watch is an international concept launched in 2007 in Belgium by Jean-Pierre Lutgen and his team. Within 5 years, the brand was distributed in more than 100 countries through more than 8000 outlets. It is estimated that over 3.5 million watches were sold in 2011 with an estimated 5 Ice-Watches sold per minute worldwide. Ice-Watch is the 'must have' fashion accessory. 
The fresh innovative designs offer an alternative and affordable fashion watch in todays modern marketplace. Colour has made the brand an instant hit, along with the simple but well-crafted designs, however the key to success is clear, these are watches that can be worn by anyone. they are priced to be accessible to all and they effortlessly cross generational and cultural boundaries. 
Haydn Welch Jewellers in Taunton carry the largest range of Ice-Watch in the South West of England. 

Haydn Welch Ice Mile Swim 
37 mins 23 secs  
3.5 degrees Centigrade 
Lake Bled, Slovenia 
Full report on: 'Previous Swims' - 'Ice Mile' 

Haydn presents Martin Strel (Big River Man and Amazon swimmer) with an Ice-Watch as thanks for organising the support , observation and facilities enabling Haydn to complete the swim at Lake Bled, Slovenia.  

Haydn Welch Jewellers had an Ice - Watch frozen inside a two metre tall ice sculpture of a 'Penguin on Ice Berg'. Members of the public were invited to take part in a draw to win the frozen watch, which worked perfectly throughout its 14 frozen hours, before it melted out at 9pm. 
PLEASE READ BELOW the story of 
Kris, her encounter with breast 
cancer and her founding of CoppaFeel 
February 2009: I'm 23 and about to embark on the most incredible journey of my life. I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast kancer, which means that not only did cancer claim my boob, it also found a home on my spine. If you and I believe the statistics, it ain't looking good for me. So, it's a good job I'm not going to be another stat. I'm turning to the world of blogging to share this bad ass adventure with everyone who wants to join me. I will update this as much as possible; rant, bitch and educate the world about what it's like to be me right now. With your love, support, positive vibes, tea, hugs and my fighting spirit to survive and kick kancer in the nuggets, I'll show it who's boss and along the way raise awareness to all you young ladies out there. COP A FEEL - around 8000 women under 50 are diagnosed a year yet it's not taken seriously by our doctors - why? I was misdiagnosed twice. Get feeling and get DEMANDING. 
December 2010: I'm 25 and still embarking on the most incredible journey of my life. The stats are still against me, but I'm still determined to beat them. I am now the CEO and founder of CoppaFeel! which is saving lives by telling the young people of Britain to start checking their boobs from a young age. One day we WILL live in a world where no one dies of breast cancer due to late detection. Join me in making it happen! Because then I can rest and have a long holiday, and sip mojitos, and do nothing, and stare at pretty clouds... 
September 2012: I'm going to be 27 soon. I'm still very much here and very much rocking the C word. It now resides in my liver too. 
Boob Love, peas and carrots 
~ Kris 
Haydn's Story: 
So why does breast cancer concern me? I am not a girl, but my mum was and so was my nana . I suppose it runs in the family. Having had cancer, my nana died many years ago and mum had cancer when she was 50, doctors mended her and cancer was just a memory for another 25 years. I was blessed that both nana and mum lived long and happy lives. But mum did not want to face up to further treatment and chose to say goodbye peacefully , at home in her bed. Mums younger brother had cancer in his early twenties and suffered substantial antiquated surgery . He has enjoyed a full and rich life and now in his older age lives peacefully and contented. 
Doctors encouraged us children, (myself, my brother and two sisters) to be tested for the faulty gene which had caused mums cancer. You see, when we are born we inherit either dads gene or mums gene. Mums was faulty. It was just a 50/50 chance that we inherited her faulty gene rather than dads healthy gene. Well, so far, three of us have the faulty gene and one of us doesn't want to be tested. 
For me it means I now get to have a rather awkward and embarrassing camera job, once a year and a few other tests. All designed to diagnose my faulty gene becoming naughty, at a very early stage. These tests help me to accept that I will be treated quickly when the time comes (it's a 1 in 3 chance). The doctor says I will not die of cancer, and I believe him. For my sisters and nieces it's a whole different matter. Whilst my faulty gene will not give me breast cancer, theirs might. For them they have a with the odds and wait, or take a pro active stance and go for the removal of perfectly healthy breasts in a controlled and planned manner. Understanding that it is better to do so before cancer strikes.  
This does not end the problem. The faulty cancer gene may be passed on to any or all of our children, nephews and nieces, their children too. Which of them have inherited a faulty gene ? Well the tests are all done and the results are in. My children and my brothers and sisters children, and their children all have the same 50/50 chance and those younger ones, especially the girls, are making their choices. Having finished bearing children themselves, the choices to retain or remove their womb and or their boobs are being made. The teenagers are probably wondering whether to marry early and raise children while time is on their side.  
Yet, the sun still shines brightly for our generations as medical research can detect, repair and prolong lives. In a coming generation, dying of cancer will be a thing of the past. Let us do our part, as the generations that made the difference in bringing forward that day. 
So in my efforts to bring breast cancer awareness to the many young ones in my family, I swim for their cause. I thank ICE WATCHES for sponsoring my next swim and return some of that favour by (amongst other things) providing them with the rest of this page for their product. 

Ice Watches above: Silicon straps £79.95 

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